Arts & Crafts


Watercolor with Carol Luc

Tu, Jan 19-26 - 1-3pm - $10M/$15NM Each Class
Tu, Feb 2-23 - 1-3pm  - $10M/$15NM Each Class
Please bring your own supplies, supply list will be made available upon registration. This class is a fun way to express your artistic side with a wonderful and knowledgeable instructor.

Knitting/Crocheting Corner

F, Feb 12 - 9:30am - No Cost
All levels are welcome to enjoy this friendly activity. The group can share tips and tricks to teach and learn from the group. We are looking for someone to lead this group, please email Chrisann at if you would be interested.


F, Jan 22 - Feb 26 - 12pm - No Cost
Drop-in ceramics requires registration and all participants need to bring their own supplies. If you are new to ceramics and would like to join, just let us know. We will have someone from the class assist you with what materials are needed.

Open Art Room

W, Jan 20 | 10am| No Cost W, Feb 17 | 10am| No Cost Start a piece or bring in a piece of art work or media that you would like to work on and explore your creative side together. Working in a small group and learning from each other can be inspiring.

Bob Ross Groupies

Th, Jan 21 | 1:30pm| No Cost
Th, Feb 18 | 1:30pm| No Cost
Robert Ross was an American painter, art instructor and television host. He was the creator and host of The Joy of Painting, an instructional television program that aired from 1983 to 1994 on PBS in the United States.  Supplies are not included, please bring your own materials or Bob Ross kits available online (Amazon & Walmart).  We will follow Bob Ross instructional videos and paint.  

Balloon Smash Painting

Th, Jan 28 | 10:30am | $5M/$7.50NM
Fun art project anyone can do! Gently dab your balloon into the paint, on your canvas, twist the balloon slightly and lift the balloon off. Repeat Step 4 until you are happy with your painting. Go forth and pour! This acrylic art painting will definitely be displayed in your home.

Owl Craft with Maria

Th, Feb 4| 11am| $12M/$17NM
Enjoy the day creating an owl craft made with pinecones. You will be  hooting and hollering with friends! The decorative craft can be used for the wall or can be displayed on a table top. This is an easy craft for all and a wonderful time to get crafty.

Bottles & Bottega

F, Feb 5 | 2pm | $35M/$40NM
In person and Zoom option (material pickup and delivery available for Zoom class)
This painting studio offers fun, creative art parties for you and your friends!  They are located in Park Ridge and offer workshops, classes, and events that you can attend. Their artists will help unlock your inner DIY artist. From canvas to glass, wood signs to custom bags, where we can create different art forms and unwind. 

Decorating Wine Bottles

M, Feb 8 | 2pm|$5M/$7.50NM
You will need to save 4 wine bottles or beer bottles for this craft.  Easy and fun, this craft can be placed over a mantel fireplace, shelf, etc.  All you have to do is make sure the bottles are empty and cleaned and we will provide the decorating supplies.  This craft is a win-win, you will have some fun preparing for the event.    

Flower Arranging Club 

W, Feb 24 | 1pm|$15M$20NM
Explore the art of floral design by watching different videos teaching us to use different techniques to achieve a stunning design.  By combining different textures and colors, you will learn to achieve designs to brighten your home and create beautiful arrangements for special occasions.  The group will learn through creative

Music, Art & Kindness Rocks

Th, Feb 25 | 10:30am| No Cost Listen to some music and relax with a few friends. If people would like to design, paint and display kind words on rocks or just want to chat from a social distance, sign up. Art supplies included, but feel free to bring your own paint, paint pens, markers or brushes.  media and each other, the only fee is for the flowers to create an arrangement for you to take home.