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Acrylics Class with Debi Gajewski

Tu, May 3-May 31|2pm|$12M/$17NM Each Class

(Debi Gajewski)

Debi is referred to as the wonderful wizard of art. She is an acrylic art teacher for Deco Art Paints, President of the Niles Artisan Guild and is on the Niles Arts & Culture Council. The paints and canvas will be provided, but please bring your own acrylic brushes for each class.

Hand Clay Sculpting Group

F, May-Jun|1pm|No Cost

Clay sculpting is the art of shaping, casting, or carving a moldable material and is a brilliant way to ignite your creativity. Numerous types of materials are used for sculpting today, with the most popular being clay. A material fee will be requested per class by the leader.

Robert’s Floral Design

W, May 11|2pm|$30M/$35NM

W, Jun 8|2pm|$30M/$35NM

Chicago florist and artist, Robert Neri, creates stunning custom made flower arrangements for any event or occasion. Robert has been in business for nearly 40 years and has been an instructor at his studio and Mather. Robert will teach once a month and will try to coordinate the floral design to a special holiday or occasion associated with the month.  Cost includes all materials and instruction.

The Art of Sketching

Th, May 12 & 26|2pm|No Cost 

Th, Jun 9 & 23|2pm|No Cost

(Stella Reeves) 

The basic premise behind all beginning-level sketch classes is to provide training necessary to view an object and reconstruct it on paper using basic sketching tools. Learn how to draw with pencils, pens, charcoals, pastels, sketch forms and add shading and dimension. Please bring a sketch book. 

Crafty Caring Hands

F, May 20|10am|No Cost

F, Jun 17|10am|No Cost

(Mary Kos)

This is an arts & crafts workshop where caring seniors have an opportunity to create and give back. Mary will lead the group in creating projects later donated to local organizations such as cancer treatment centers, hospitals, and medical centers. FAQ- Do I have to be talented to join?  Not at all.  Mary will teach you how to make simple to more complex crafts depending on your comfort level.  Will I have fun at the workshop?  Yes, this workshop is an excellent opportunity to meet other people, socialize, and be creative.  

Bracelet Design Class

M, Jun 6|1pm|$12M/$17NM

Create two stunning stretchy bracelets; match an outfit, bling your wrist, create a summer or holiday fashion to perfectly fit you and your style.  Choose from a variety of colors and styles of beads.  All supplies are provided, which will also include a jewelry bag.  Experience is not required; bring your smile, learn and create your artistic bracelets. 

Plus: "Show & Tell" view ideas to show and exhibit your jewelry easily in an inexpensive way.  "If you see it, you wear it." 

Watercolor Class with Carol Luc

Tu, Jun 7—28|2pm|$12M/$17NM Each Class

Tu, Jul 5-12|2pm|$12M/$17NM Each Class

With this fun creative approach you will learn traditional techniques, including mixing colors, wet-into-wet, glazing, flat and graduated washes, and more.  Carol is an accomplished artist with a masters degree in painting and bachelors in advertising design. If you would like to see her work and read more about the instructor visit