Textile Recycling

Textile Recycling Program

Beginning, April 28, 2022, Simple Recycling, will no longer provide curbside collection for textiles. Residents will be required to schedule a pick-up online at https://simplerecycling.com/schedule-a-pick-up or by calling 866/835-5068. Additionally, residents will no longer be required to use orange bags. Textiles and other items can be placed in clean box or paper/plastic bags and placed by the front doorClothing - Recycling for pick-up.

In June of 2018, The Village of Niles partnered with Simple Recycling to offer residents an effective and innovative way to choose textile recycling over throwing away.  Simple Recycling exists to provide communities with a scalable and convenient solution to help dramatically reduce the harmful impact of textile waste. The free textile collection service aims to forge long-lasting benefits for the environment, people, and communities alike. 

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 85% of all clothing ends up in landfills with only 15% being donated. Proactive efforts to recycle clothing, shoes, and accessories today can have the same impact as removing millions of cars from the nation's roads. In addition, when recycled or reused, these items help reduce greenhouse gasses more than recycling glass, plastics, and yard trimmings. 

Adam Winfield, President for Simple Recycling says:  “We focus on convenience and simplicity. Our goal is to offer residents the simplest way to let your clothing be loved again.” 

For those residents that traditionally donate clothing to charities, the Village and Simple Recycling encourages them to continue to do so.  

How Do I Participate April 2022 Textile

    Visit https://simplerecycling.com/schedule-a-pick-up/ or call 866/835-5068 to schedule your future pick-up.

    Place your items in a clean box, paper, or plastic bag and place it by the front door on your scheduled pick-up day.

Acceptable Materials

Textile items accepted

Simple Recycling will accept the following materials of individual weight less than fifty (50) pounds and able to be carried by one person: men’s, women’s and children’s clothing as well as items such as jewelry, shoes, purses, hats, toys, pictures, mirrors, blankets, drapes and curtains, pillows, rags, sewing scraps, sleeping bags, small furniture, small appliances, irons, radios and audio equipment, cameras, lamps, hairdryers, tools, toasters, microwaves, coffee makers, silverware, dishes, pots and pans, glasses and the like.


In reviewing the Illinois Commodity/Waste Generation and Characterization Study Update from 2015 (which calculates what is in the state’s garbage), Illinois residents throw away 333,010 tons of textiles a year! At 0.23% of the state’s population, that means Niles residents still throw away an estimated 589 tons of textiles a year.  At a $47.25 FY19 SWANCC tipping fee per ton for disposal, diverting 589 tons of refuse from the landfill each year could save the taxpayers $27,830.25 annually.

This program will help divert materials from the landfill, thereby reducing refuse costs to the Village of Niles and taxpayers. It is voluntary, free and provides an expected/estimated $900 in annual revenue to the Village.


If you have a question about the program, you can contact Simple Recycling at (866) 835-5068 or their website.

***Please note that this program is only available to single family homes. Simple Recycling does not service apartment or multi-family units or businesses at this point.

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