Community Policing Beats

Our Community Policing Program has divided the Village of Niles into 14 beats. There are currently two officers from the Patrol Bureau assigned to each beat. Those two Officers work opposite shifts, day and night. The Officers are assisted by members of the Crime Prevention Bureau who will assist and provide logistical support. 

The Community Oriented REaction Team or C.O.R.E Officers for short, work on best practices in the S.A.R.A.,model of Community Policing. The S.A.R.A. Model has four principles. Scanning for problems and prioritizing them. Analysis is in the gathering of data and a better understanding of the program. Response, looking for alternative interventions and choosing what works best. Assessment, which determining if the plan was properly implemented as well as collecting pre and post qualitative or quantitative data.

C.O.R.E. Officers work under a best-practices goal. They will work on identifying re-occurring problems; develop goals which best fit their beat based upon available information. In addition, they will be supported by Crime Prevention Bureau staff and determine when and how often they may schedule beat meetings, if needed. C.O.R.E. team members will attend all Block Party activities in their beat, participate in Mobile Outreach Events, when they occur in their beat, promote and recruit residents and assist in address Crime Free Housing issues.

its in knowing which beat you fall into, look at the image below. Click on it and it will take you to your C.O.R.E. Team members.

community police beats 2019