The Christmas Tree Ship


Rochelle Pennington

                                  Our December Guest Speaker
Sunday, December 17, 2:00 pm

     Author Rochelle Pennington has written two books detailing one of the most well-known shipwrecks of the Great Lakes, Lake Michigan's The Christmas Tree Ship, which delivered holiday evergreens to the citizens of Chicago each Christmas season before it was caught in the "Great Storm of 1912" and subsequently went to the bottom of the lake fully loaded with trees. The captain’s wife, Barbara, along with their three daughters, then carried on for over twenty years afterward in honor of “Captain Santa” and in the spirit of everything he believed in. The ship is still loaded with its cargo today and is a popular Great Lakes dive site.

"The ship's final voyage was not to the bottom of the lake," added Pennington, "but into the pages of history."

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Due to the popularity of Ms. Pennington
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Doors open at 1:00 p.m.
There will be refreshments afterward.



     Her popularity as a presenter to schools, libraries, historical societies, corporations, hospitals, retirement facilities, and civic organizations is evidenced by the many invitations she receives to return and speak on further topics. Her work has been included in multiple bestselling series over the past two decades. Rochelle expertly weaves the perfect balance of humor, charm, and riveting facts into her captivating performances which focus on “the best of humanity.” Audience members depart with inspiration to apply the principles presented to their own lives.