Right-of-Way / Utility Permit Applications

Thank you for your interest in serving Niles with your utility. Please see the attached checklist of requirements for obtaining a Right of Way work permit in Niles. We offer the following additional advice to help us expedite your permit review.
  • Provide dimensions on plans from ROW or curb line to any new underground or utility pole installation. Avoid conflict with Village of Niles Utilities. ​
  • Show all Village of Niles utilities on plans, we also recommend showing other private utilities as determined by performing a design Julie. Niles GIS data is available by submitting a data request. The data request form can be found here: https://www.vniles.com/224/Geographic-Information-Systems-GIS
  • Review our ordinances with regard to your work, specifically Chapter 96. For your convenience these codes are available online: https://www.municode.com/library/il/niles/codes/code_of_ordinances
  • If underground or new utility pole installation work is planned, show parkway trees on plans and avoid conflicts with those trees. Provide tree protection fence if work occurs near parkway trees. Open cut trenches must avoid tree root balls, or use a root pruning machine if impacts are unavoidable.
  • Indicate which IDOT traffic control highway standards will be used if a site specific traffic control plan is not required. - Provide contractor information including on-site/emergency contact info.
  • Provide $500 application fee if not covered by a franchise agreement. - Minimum submittal requirements include completed application, plans, contractor information, and Certificate of Insurance.
  • ​If significant Right-of-way impacts are expected a security bond will be required. - Evidence of State and County Permit Approval if applicable.
  • ROW or Utility Permit applications should be submitted to the Village Engineer at 6849 W. Touhy, Niles, IL 60714.
  • Permittee is responsible for obtaining separate permission to place facilities on ComEd poles.
  • Non-franchise or unlicensed utilities may be asked to enter into a license agreement.