Lite Lunch & Movie

Lite Lunch & Movie - “Jane” (2007, PG-13, 87 min)

The discovery of half-century-old footage of celebrated primatologist Jane Goodall and her jungle menagerie of chimpanzees provides a new and engrossing look at her lifetime of work with humans' closest 
evolutionary relatives.”  Lunch includes chicken salad on a croissant, fruit and dessert.
Friday, May 25 • 12:00-2:00pm • $5M/$7.50NM • Movie ONLY, NO COST
(Registration is required)

Lite Lunch & Movie - “The Band's Visit” (2007, PG-13, 87 min)

“When an Egyptian police brass band travels to Israel to play at the opening of an Arab arts center, the group ends up abandoned and lost in a remote desert town, igniting a charming cross-cultural comedy. Defying expectations, the tiny Israeli community embraces the musicians, and both the Egyptians and the locals learn a few things about one another -- and themselves. This witty foreign-language film nabbed the Uncertain Regard prize at Cannes.”  Lunch includes a grilled chicken sandwich, potato chips and dessert.
Friday, June 8 • 12:00-2:00pm • $5M/$7.50NM • Movie ONLY, NO COST
(Registration is required)